How Long Does Credential Verification Service for New York State Take?

The amount of time for completion of the Credential Verification Service (CVS) for New York State varies in length depending on how long it takes for schools or licensing authorities to respond to CGFNS’ requests. These are the steps to complete the service:

1. Processing your order.

Our target date is 10 weeks from the time we receive your application materials to the time we send out the first request letter to your school and licensing authority.

2. Waiting for a response.

After the first letter is sent to your school and licensing authority, we wait 60 days before sending a second request letter, and another 60 days before sending a third and final letter.

Note: After 180 days from the time the first letter was sent, your order status will change to Ready for Submission, regardless of what documentation we have received. Please be mindful that we still need to wait until the school or licensing authority responds.  

Note2For Canadian applicants, a letter is sent every 30 days, and the order status changes to Ready for Submission after 90 days.

3. Reviewing documentation.

Upon receipt of documentation from your school or licensing authority, we must verify its authenticity and ensure that all the information provided is consistent. This process is typically completed within 4-6 weeks. If there is a problem with the documentation, we will write back to the issuing source for further clarification.

4. Issuing the report.

A report can be issued to the New York State Education Department within 4-6 weeks after the receipt of all necessary documentation.

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