Applying for VisaScreen®: VisaScreen Credentials Assessment

There are three types of applications for the VisaScreen® service: the application for the standard service, an application to reprocess an expired order, and the application to renew an expired VisaScreen® certificate.

For each of these options, there are two ways to apply:

  1. Create a CGFNS Connect account and apply online. In this instance, the type of service you need will be automatically detected when you attempt to place a VisaScreen® order. For instance:
    • If you have never placed a VisaScreen® order, you will be prompted to order the standard service.
    • If a previous VisaScreen® order expired within the last year, you will be prompted to reprocess the order.
    • If your VisaScreen® certificate expiration date will expire within a year or has been expired less than six month, you will be prompted to renew the certificate.
  2. Download and print the paper application handbook and submit by mail. To download one of the three applications use the links below:

Note: There is an extra $75 paper application processing fee when applying by this method in addition to the base application fee. Please refer to our Fee Schedule and Policies for each application’s base fee.

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