CES Re-evaluation

If you have previously ordered a CES Professional and/or Academic report and need another report to be sent to either a new recipient or a previous recipient, you can order the CES re-evaluation at a reduced price. There are several things you should know about CES re-evaluation orders:

  • For CES re-evaluation, an assessment review is completed based on the requirements of a specific recipient.  Any new information that has been submitted since the last evaluation will be included in this evaluation.
  • For reports that require verification of your licensure, updated validation may be required for re-evaluation if licensure information on file is more than three years old (or more than one year old in some cases).
  • A re-evaluation can only be placed if your previous order was for a CES Professional Report or a CES Academic Report. If your previous CES order was placed prior to January 2011 resulting in a Healthcare and Science report or a Full Course-by-Course report, a re-evaluation cannot be ordered. In such cases either a CES Professional Report or a CES Academic Report must be ordered.
  • Because CES Professional Report and CES Academic Report have been designed to meet specific requirements, they are not reporting on the same information. Therefore, they are not inter-changeable. If a previous order was for one report type, only this report type can be issued as a re-evaluation. For instance, if your previous order was for a Professional Report, you can order a re-evaluation of a Professional Report, but not of an Academic Report. If you need an Academic Report, you must order one at full cost.

You can order a CES re-evaluation by following these instructions:

  1. Log into your CGFNS Connect account
  2. Choose the option to purchase CGFNS Services
  3. At the service selection screen, choose Credentials Evaluation Service (CES)
  4. After you have selected the type of the report and the recipient, click on the Submit button
  5. If your previous report was the same type, Professional or Academic, you will be automatically prompted to order a re-evaluation
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