Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Re-evaluation

If you previously ordered a credential evaluation service (CES) for the purpose of obtaining a Professional and/or Academic Report, and if you need another report to be sent to either a new recipient or a previous recipient, you can order a CES Re-evaluation at a reduced fee. 

You can order a CES Re-evaluation by following these simple steps:

  • Login to your CGFNS Connect account and choose the option to purchase a CGFNS service.
  • At the service selection menu, choose “Credentials Evaluation Service (CES).”
  • Select the type of report you require (Professional and/or Academic) and type in the name of the designated report recipient where prompted to do so.
  • If you previously ordered a report of the SAME type, you will be automatically prompted to order a re-evaluation.

Please note that for CES Re-evaluation, the credentials assessment is geared towards the requirements of the specific named report recipient.  Also, any new information that has been submitted since your last evaluation will be included in the re-evaluation process.

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