Expedited Review Service for CES Reports

Purpose: Because of the high volume of CES orders, our target date is 10 weeks for an assessment review after all required documents are received and processed. For applicants who would like to reduce this review time, we offer an Expedited Review Service for the CES Professional and Academic reports.  A review will take place within 10 business days from the time all required documents have been received.

Note: The expedited review service provides the assurance that your file will be reviewed within 10 business days, but does not guarantee that your CES Professional or Academic report will be issued.  Additional information may be required upon review of your file.  In this instance, your report will be delayed until the requested documentation has been submitted and your documentation is in full compliance with report recipient's requirements.

How to order: You can ONLY opt for the Expedited Review Service to an existing order that is open, active and all required documents have been received using the following steps:

  1. Log into your CGFNS Connect account
  2. Choose the option to purchase CGFNS Services
  3. At the service selection screen, choose Additional CGFNS Services
  4. At the Additional CGFNS Services menu, choose the Expedited Review Service for an existing CES order

Note: The cost for the expedited review service varies depending on what type of CES report you are ordering. The fees are as follow:

  • Expedited review of a Professional Report order added to an existing order - $250
  • Expedited review of an Academic Report order added to an existing order - $275
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