Applying for the Credential Verification Service for New York State

The Credential Verification Service for New York State costs $390.

In addition to the payment, applicants are required to submit forms authorizing CGFNS International to request academic transcripts of record and validation of professional licensing, as well as a signed and notarized attestation, all of which are found in the application.

That is necessary because the state of New York demands that CGFNS collects and verifies all information on the behalf of the applicant and sends it to the New York State Education Department.

The Education Department will then evaluate the applicant’s documents.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Download and print the paper application handbookand submit by mail. Note: There is an additional $75 paper application processing fee when applying by this method making the total $465.
  2. Create a CGFNS Connect account and apply online. If you apply online, you must still submit the authorization forms and notarized attestation by mail within 90 days from your payment date or your application will expire and your payment will be forfeited.




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