VisaScreen® ICHP Certificate Verification Letter

Purpose: The VisaScreen® ICHP Certificate Verification Letter can be sent to a government agency, a professional board, an educational institution, or an employer to serve as official proof that you have obtained VisaScreen® certification. 

Eligibility: If you have ever been VisaScreen® certified then you can purchase the VisaScreen® ICHP Certificate Verification Letter. Your VisaScreen® certification does not need to be active to purchase this service. However, we recommend that you confirm with the recipient of the letter that verification of an expired certificate is acceptable.

How to Order: To place this order:

  • Log into your CGFNS Connect account
  • Choose the option to purchase CGFNS Services
  • At the service selection screen choose Additional CGFNS Services
  • At the Additional CGFNS Services menu choose the VisaScreen® ICHP Certificate Verification Letter
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