Third Party Authorization for Release of Applicant Information

It is CGFNS’s policy to not disclose any information to a third party regarding an applicant's order status or the information contained in an applicant’s files. This policy is to ensure that an applicant’s privacy is maintained throughout the application process. 

If you, the applicant, want a third party to contact CGFNS on your behalf such as a relative, a lawyer, an employer, or a recruiter, we require signed, written authorization from you.  Please use the Authorization to Release Information Form which can be downloaded from the CGFNS website.  This form must be submitted to CGFNS by mail or courier. It cannot be faxed or emailed to CGFNS.

When you submit an Authorization to Release Information Form, the person listed on the form will automatically become your authorized agent. The contact information you provide on the Authorization to Release Information Form will become the primary contact information used to send notifications and correspondence to you, the applicant. Revocation of this authorization must be submitted in writing to CGFNS.




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