Submitting a passport photo

For three of our services, the Certification Program, VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment and the International Standards for Professional Nurses (ISPN) Program, a passport photograph is required for inclusion on the certificate issued to you upon completion of the service. There are two ways to submit a photograph:


Instructions for uploading a photograph:

  • If you do not have a photograph uploaded to your account, you should see a photo box containing the words "Applicant Photo Not Available" at the Overview screen when you first log in. 
  • Click on the link next to the photo box reading "Upload your passport-sized photo online"
  • You will see a list of criteria the photo must meet and beneath the list is a button to browse your computer for a .jpg or .jpeg image file.

Please note: Your photo will be sized to meet the dimensions of the box, so be sure to crop you photo around the head an shoulders in portrait shape to avoid distortion when uploaded. 

  • After you have selected an image file and uploaded it, you will be shown an example of how the photo will appear and given an opportunity to save it or upload a different one.
  • Once you save your photo, you will not be able to upload a new one unless you contact CGFNS and request that your previous photo be deleted.
  • If you are placing an order to renew your VisaScreen® certificate and need to upload a new photograph, you will be able to do so after you have placed your order.
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