• Document Retention Policy


1. What is CGFNS’s document retention policy for applicant documents?

CGFNS securely stores all authenticated and verified documents for a period of four years.  In the case of documents submitted for the VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment Service, we store applicant documents for five years to accommodate the renewal period.

2. What is eSAVED™?

eSAVED™ is a way for applicants to electronically and securely store all of their authenticated and verified documents for an additional four-year period.

3. What are the benefits of purchasing the eSAVED™ service?

CGFNS created eSAVED™ to help applicants organize and secure their documents for longer.  eSAVED™ extends the storage life of applicant transcripts, licenses, and more at an affordable price.



  • Authorization for Release of Applicant Information


1. What is CGFNS’s information privacy policy?

As part of CGFNS’s information policy, CGFNS will not disclose any information to any third party regarding an applicant’s order status or the information contained in an applicant’s files.

2. What if I want a third party to contact CGFNS on my behalf?

If you want a third party to contact CGFNS on your behalf, you must fill out an Authorization to Release Information Form and send it to CGFNS by mail or courier.  The Authorization to Release Information Form cannot be faxed or emailed to CGFNS.

3. After I send the Authorization to Release Information Form, how do I proceed to correspond with CGFNS?

Once you submit an Authorization to Release Information Form, the third party listed on the form  automatically becomes your authorized agent to receive and send all future correspondence on your behalf.


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    francisca garcia munoz

    My name is Francisca Gutierrez I'm looking how to retake my cgfns test I'm already have a number under cgfns program can you please tell how I can reapply to do my test again I want to do my test A soon as possible can you please sent an email a tell me everything I need to go do my test on Texas state thank you again and have a good night

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